Aligning Tech & OPS

Technical and operational units both have their picture of setting up processes, running production lines and maintaining quality. As little downtime as possible with the latest technology equipment that can be adjusted to any needs in the blink of an eye?

Benchmark your success story on managing techops in your organization!

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Pharma TechOps USA – created by industry professionals.

Without a sustainable reliability strategy, companies will not be able to deliver the desired product at the desired quality at the time demanded.

Maintenance and reliability departments are on the edge of actively contributing to the business value of a company, but how can they be perceived that way internally?

Our speakers have crossed that line and will share their best practices.

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30+ speakers will share their expertise at Pharma TechOps USA 2020. We have the most innovative and forward thinking end users and solution providers to offer you real-life industry case studies and hands-on World Café Workshops on how to organize maintenance effectively and cost-efficiently, and on how to increase plant availability.

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Speakers and Moderators at Pharma TechOps USA 2019