LogoAutomotive Agile PEP Europe|March 02 – 03, 2021, San Diego

The Pharma TechOps USA World Café Sessions

Discuss the latest challenges with your colleagues & peers in more than 150 minutes in-depth discussions, moderated by carefully selected experts:

  • Is predictive maintenance merely a buzz or truly feasible?
  • How will the Industrial Internet of Things accelerate autonomous maintenance processes?
  • How to harmonize KPIs, Processes & Standards in the framework of global  Maintenance Strategy and Investment Plans?
  • Overall Impact on operational readiness and creating market disadvantages  – How to improve reliability to become the forefront of operational excellence initiatives?
  • Increasing Automation, interconnected systems, and remote applications: Do we need to reconsider Risk Based maintenance strategies for operational excellence?

The Multi-Touchpoint Sessions!

The most effective and most informal networking hub to reach a maximum of ROI – personal dialogue, direct exchange and numerous opportunities to optimize your networking experience. Schedule meetings with Top Executives!

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There are extensive opportunities to network and build relationships with fellow delegates in our multi touchpoint sessions!

Matching Requirements to Expectations – or vice versa?

There’s neither doubt nor question about the overall necessity of maintenance and reliability programs in the the manufacturing industries.

The question is how to align the needs and requirements with the demand and expectations for operational outcome and efforts undertaken?

How can Maintenance and Reliability departments perform the change from being perceived as a cost center to be seen as a generator of business value and competitive advantage?

Join the Pharma TechOps USA, focusing on pharmaceuticals, biotech,and medical device industries, to discuss your perception and hear best practice approaches.